ORAUSA 2023 Homeland Sumit

ORAUSA 2023 Homeland Sumit

ORAUSA Youths wins the 2021 WIWD Ike’s Scholar College Tuition

Congratulations! ORAUSA Youths win the 2021 WIWD Ike's Scholar College Tuition.Miss Thelma Ogunjiofor (ORU Atlanta)Master Ikenna Ugboaja (OCUFE New York)About WIWD FoundationWIWD Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit charitable foundation that is dedicated to continuing...

2021 New Generation Award: Miss Chidimma Onyenezi (ORA Houston)

2021 New Generation Award Winner: Miss Chidimma Onyenezi (ORA Houston)

2021 Exemplary Affiliate Award: OCUFE New York

2021 Exemplary Affiliate Award: OCUFE New York

Our History


Our History

Compiled By: Emmy Ejekam – Houston, 2006

The history of ORA-USA INC. would be historically incorrect without mentioning its Houston roots. The slogan: “ORA- Houston – Ishi Nmiri” historically and logically summarizes the inception, nurture and birth of what is today known as ORA-USA INC.
On a sweltering Texas Summer of 1982, a group of Umu Orlu, who were attending colleges at Texas Southern University and nearby University of Houston, converged at Nze Chike Asonye’s residence, an apartment complex known then as BABY GIANT, located few blocks from both universities. The aim was to organize as a unit to fight racism and other injustice meted on foreigners while preserving our cultural heritage. Like the beginning of every venture, ORA-Houston went through tumultuous stages of transformation, which hardened its foundation and was solid enough to stage a convention in August 1995. This first convention of Umu Orlu in Diaspora spawned what is today known as ORA-USA INC. The birth of ORA-USA Inc. was conceived in Houston; went through gestational period in Dallas and was born in Atlanta in 2001.

The Conception:
In August 1995, under the Presidency of Sir Cy Obiozor ORA-Houston hosted a national convention, which attracted Umu Orlu all over the United States. As usual, Dallas dominated in number as they have always come in bus/plane-loads to every convention. Under the chairmanship of Chief /Dr. Collins Okehie, Houston Hobby Hilton was abuss with Umu-Orlu who flamboyantly displayed the richness of our motherland through their patriotic display and outfit. During this convention, there were many resolutions that were reached to move the organization forward and the zeal to make it a yearly event was adopted. After Houston convention, the organization moved next year’s convention to Dallas. Dr. Okehie and Dr. Onwudiwe from New Orleans negotiated with OOPA Dallas to host the convention in 1996. During the 1996 convention in Dallas, an election was held: Dr. Okehie became the Interim chairman, with Atty. Duruji as Vice Chairman; Dr. Chuma Duru was elected the Secretary with Dr. Ugwokaegbe (San Antonio) as Assistant Secretary; Sir Ibekwe as Treasurer; Philip Obilom (Austin) as financial secretary and Mr. Nwannewuihe from Chicago as the PRO. This interim executive became the engine of the organization and was mandated to draft a constitution; open an account; and reconvene a convention within a year. The administration left Dallas and became dysfunctional.

Gestational Period:
In 2000, after four years of dormancy and hibernation, Dallas affiliate, under the leadership of Dr. Acho Orabuchi, resuscitated the organization by calling a convention. Nwachukwu was entrusted with planning the convention. During the deliberation, Dr. Okehie was absent and the vice, Atty. Duruji took over the chairmanship, reconvened the assembly, dissolved the previous executive and called for an election of new executives. Dr. Tony Anyirioha (LA) was elected the interim Chairman; Atty. Chris Nwachukwu, secretary and Chris Anyiam, as financial secretary. The new executive was given the same mandate to organize a convention the next year.

The Birth of ORA-USA INC:
In 2001, Atlanta hosted the convention that gave birth today’s ORA-USA INC. The birth of ORA USA in Atlanta was symbolic. It was the convention that attracted dignitaries from Nigeria and Imo state in particular. Atty. Nwachukwu went to Nigeria and made sure the invitations were delivered to Governor Achike, Udenwa, Imo state executives and broadcast throughout the media in Imo State. Gov. Udenwa was not the only dignitary that showed up as Nwa Orlu; Rochas Okorocha, then a presidential aspirant attended and addressed the attendees. During this convention, Umu Orlu were overwhelmed by the turn out, enthusiasm, and display of fraternal love emitted in Atlanta. The solidarity expressed by the attendees was the bedrock of our current ORA-USA INC. At the Atlanta Convention, the current ORA Constitution was formally presented to the Delegates who debated and adopted it as an official guiding principles for ORA. The interim executive under the chairmanship of Dr. Anyirioha was dissolved, hence the first election under the guide of a formal Constitution was conducted. The returning officers were Nze Eddy Unaegbu, Mr. Celestine Muoneke and Greg Nnodim. After the election, Nze Chigbu became the President and Ben Onyedebelu as the Vice; Emeka Iwunze became the secretary, Chris Anyiam became the Financial Secretary, Atty. Michael Orji became the PRO, George Ohakamnu became the Treasurer and Nze Francis Ibezim the Paliamenterian. Atty. Obinna Duruji presented/moderated the constitutional review and was later appointed the Legal Adviser by Nze Chigbu.The organization took off with structure, committees were formed and under Nze Chigbu, the organization became a functional entity.

[ NOTE: History Recorded as of 1982 – 2001]

ORA Conventions – Previous Hosts
Houston – 1995
Dallas – 1996
Dallas – 2000
Atlanta – 2001
Chicago – 2002
Los Angeles – 2003
Houston – 2004
Detroit – 2005
Miami – 2006

Emmy Ejekam [Compiler] – Houston
Chris Anyiam – Dallas
Dr. Richard Nwachukwu – Dallas
Dr. Obinna Duruji – Washington
Emeka Iwunze – Dallas
Chief Patrick Nwakuba – Baltimore
Chief Callistus Nnabuife – Houston
Nze Gibson Chigbu – Louisiana
Chief Michael Orji – Philadelphia
Chief Ugo Onyemaobi – Atlanta
Mz Ben Nnawuihe – Dallas


Houston Gathering – During the Formative Years of ORAUSA.

Houston Gathering - During the Formative Years of ORAUSA

Our Programs


The Orlu Regional Assembly holds its Annual Convention in June of every year to raise funds for projects/programs and for the exchange of ideas as well as networking among members residing in the USA and beyond.


ORAUSA carries out a medical mission to the Orlu region each year. The very positive response has necessitated the consideration of multiple missions each year.


The Orlu Regional Assembly holds its Annual Homeland Summit in Orlu on December 30th every year. The summit is a chance to review organization activities and exchange feedback between home-based and diaspora stakeholders.


The purpose of the youth program is to create awareness among the young people of the organization to ensure continuity


The Micro Finance program, championed by ORAUSA women, raises funds independently to enable indigent women in the homeland to be self-sustaining.


Each year, ORA USA recognizes and gives awards to individuals for community services, student achievements, trail-blazing achievements, and philanthropy.