ORAUSA 2023 Baltimore Convention Communique

2023 ORAUSA Baltimore convention Communique

ORAUSA 2023 Homeland Sumit

ORAUSA 2023 Homeland Sumit

ORAUSA Youths wins the 2021 WIWD Ike’s Scholar College Tuition

Congratulations! ORAUSA Youths win the 2021 WIWD Ike's Scholar College Tuition.Miss Thelma Ogunjiofor (ORU Atlanta)Master Ikenna Ugboaja (OCUFE New York)About WIWD FoundationWIWD Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit charitable foundation that is dedicated to continuing...

2021 New Generation Award: Miss Chidimma Onyenezi (ORA Houston)

2021 New Generation Award Winner: Miss Chidimma Onyenezi (ORA Houston)

2021 Exemplary Affiliate Award: OCUFE New York

2021 Exemplary Affiliate Award: OCUFE New York

Health care disparities in the Imo state have resulted in preventable deaths and it continues to affect the life expectancy of the communities in Imo State. One of the greatest challenges facing our health care system today is the provision of comprehensive, quality health care that is Safe, Effective, Patient-centered, Timely, Efficient, and Equitable. The ultimate plan for ORAUSA is to promote models that will focus on both short-term and long-term goals for health services that will provide measurable outcomes and profitability.



The purpose of this program is to provide direct healthcare to indigent and older citizens in the rural areas of Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria. Direct healthcare includes, but not limited to performing vital signs, immunization, health education, nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation. The ORAUSA, in December of each year, dispatches a team of U.S. based medical doctors to pre-arranged centers in Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria to perform health screening, counseling, and possible surgery. The team dispenses medications to the targeted groups.

Project Team:

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Ancillary paraprofessionals


ORAUSA Free Medical Mission Leaders

Dr. Uzo Unegbu

Dr. Uzo Unegbu

ORAUSA National President

Dr. Uzo Unegbu

Dr. Uzo Unegbu

Asst. Free Medical Mission Director

Sir GeoBen Oleru

Sir GeoBen Oleru

Free Medical Mission Chairman

Hon. Cmrd. Ephraim Obiamaukwu

Hon. Cmrd. Ephraim Obiamaukwu

Free Medical Mission Secretary

Dr Chinyere Anyakudo

Dr Chinyere Anyakudo

Free Medical Mission Director

Chief Paulinus Nwosu

Chief Paulinus Nwosu

ORAUSA National Financial Secretary

Sir Chris Anyiam

OFMM Chairman 2010-2014

Dr. Ogbokiri

OFMM Medical Director 2010-2019

Chief Philip Obilom

OFMM Chairman 2015-2019

Sir Geoben Oleru

OFMM Chairman 2020-Present

Dr. Chinyere Anyakudo

OFMM Medical Director 2020-Present

Our OFMM History

ORA-USA Inc incorporated in the State of Georgia , USA. in the year 2001, is organized for Charitable, Educational, Economical, Social, and Political development of Orlu people. It is the umbrella Organization of all parochial associations of Orlu people in the fifty states of USA. The first Orausa Free Medical Mission was conducted in December of 2010.

OFMM Medical Mission

The Latest News & Updates

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Ways to Get Involved!

Medical Personnels

Medical professional

We are looking for doctors, nurses, pharmacist to join us on our next mission


Medical Supplies

New Medical supplies

Donate Medical Supplies such as glasses, sanitizers, etc


Educational supplies

School suplies

Donate Educational Supplies for our youths, such as books, writing utensils, laptops, etc


OFMM  Team Members

ORAUSA  Free Medical Mission Team Members

ORAUSA Medical Mission


Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first Medical Mission?

The first Orausa Free Medical Mission was conducted in December of 2010

What were the project’s 3 greatest challenges?

  • Funding
  • Enough manpower
  • Planning/registering with NAFDAC

How many years has ORAUSA consistently conducted this Medical Mission?

This free medical mission has been conducted consistently every year since 2010

How many people live in Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria?

May be about one million people or a little less

How many people did your medical mission service?

The Orausa Free Medical Mission Program saw and treated about 1,500 patients in December 2018

How many people received health education on Obesity? Diabetes? Hygiene?

All the patients we saw and treated received health education on Obesity, Diabetes and general Hygiene and they were 1,412 in number.

How many people received health education on Obesity? Diabetes? Hygiene?

All the patient we saw and treated received group counseling on:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Mental Health diseases and disorders

What was the dosage dispensed for each disease?

Dispensed 2-4 weeks of supplies of medications.

How many surgeries scheduled and performed?

5 surgeries were successfully performed in 2018

How old were the patients? Please how many patients in each age range.

0-5                 201
6-9                  78
10-19              74
20-29            79
30-39          126
40-49          250
50-59          254
60-69          155
70-79          101
80-89            24
90-99            15
100+               3
TOTAL    1,412

What type of immunizations were given?


How many people received immunizations?


What subject matter(s) was taught in health education?

  • To Eat healthily
  • To Engage in constant exercise
  • Cleanness

What type of medicine was dispensed for which diseases?

Anti-Hypertensive, Anti-Lipidemia, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Adult & Children Vitamins and supplements, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Peptic Ulcer Disease, Adults & Children Antibiotics, Adult & Children Anti-Malaria, Adult & Children GI Anti-Parasitic infections, Asthma medication

Do you only provide medical aids?

We also provide school supplies to youths as well. We distribute items like books, pens, pencils, markers, etc