ORAUSA 2023 Baltimore Convention Communique

2023 ORAUSA Baltimore convention Communique

ORAUSA 2023 Homeland Sumit

ORAUSA 2023 Homeland Sumit

ORAUSA Youths wins the 2021 WIWD Ike’s Scholar College Tuition

Congratulations! ORAUSA Youths win the 2021 WIWD Ike's Scholar College Tuition.Miss Thelma Ogunjiofor (ORU Atlanta)Master Ikenna Ugboaja (OCUFE New York)About WIWD FoundationWIWD Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit charitable foundation that is dedicated to continuing...

2021 New Generation Award: Miss Chidimma Onyenezi (ORA Houston)

2021 New Generation Award Winner: Miss Chidimma Onyenezi (ORA Houston)

2021 Exemplary Affiliate Award: OCUFE New York

2021 Exemplary Affiliate Award: OCUFE New York

Saving Lives & Promoting Healthy Habits


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Patients Seen

Day 1: Ideato North LGA- Osina Community Hospital

Our free medical team arrived at Osina community hospital around 9:30 AM, where we attended to 167 patients. The low turnout was attributed to little or no publicity in Osina as many Osina people were not aware of our coming. However, words started spreading fast and ORAUSA medical team was able to attend to every patient.
ORAUSA also gave away book supplies to youths who came out to receives medical treatment. The team arrived safely back at the hotel around 5:30 PM, where we were later treated to dinner, courtesy of Chief Chidi Chiege.
Overall, the day was a success and Osina people thanked ORAUSA for her good heart and generosity.

Day 2: Ohaji Egbema LGA – Saint Andrew’s Catholic Church Umuokanne

Day 2 started with an opening prayer that was led by Prince Charles Duru en route to Ohaji Egbema. Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by a large crowd. One thing was for sure, there was no doubt that the free Medical Mission was well-publicized.

There was a little hiccup with some of the arrangements, but this was quickly resolved by our very own president, Chief Tony Okpara, and the team was able to quickly get to work.
In the end, the medical team attended to 460 patients, both young and old. The oldest patient was 101!

ORAUSA (ORAUSA Youths program) also gave away school supplies, and candies to children and youths. Some of the children and youth also won additional school supplies.

Day 2 day, started a few minutes after 9 and ended at 6:28 PM, was a huge success and the people of Egbema thanked ORAUSA for her good heart and generosity.


Day 3: Oguta LGA – Mgbele Community Center

Day 3 started just like the previous days. We got up in the morning, had our breakfast, and headed for Mgbele in Oguta LGA. Upon arrival, it was obvious something was different. This location had something the other two lacked - a very nice banner showcasing the medical mission. The location was also set up, so the team didn't have to do a lot. This worked well for us as we were able to quickly get to work.

Mrs. Nwamene, who is from Oguta LGA, attended to all our needs, including assisting with the pre-registration process. Lunch and dinner, with many Nigerian delicacies, were exceptional. The medical team attended to 535 patients and still managed to leave Mgbele at 5:15 PM. The people of Mgbele thanked ORAUSA for her good heart and her generosity.


Day 4: ORU West LGA -  Amadehi Community Hospital, Ubulu

When we arrived at Amadehi Community Hospital a little after 9 AM, we were immediately impressed by the location. There were canopies, tables, and chairs already set up. People were already sitting down waiting to be attended to. The Medical team immediately got to work and worked from that time until 5:15 PM. We attended to a total of 516 patients, and the Ubulu people were very grateful for what we did for the community.

As we have done in all the other locations we visited during the 2019 medical mission, ORAUSA also passed out candies and school supplies to children and youths. Kudos to 9-year-old Bright Nwadimere for winning the grand prize - a bag pack with school supplies.

When it was time for lunch, the Ubulu people took lunch to another level. Not only did they provided lunch for the Medical Mission Team, but they also provided lunch to every patient there!

And they didn't stop there. Dinner, full of all sorts of Nigeria delicacies, was held at Chief & Dr. Mrs. Colet Odenigbo's house. The Medical team ate, drank, and danced.

The first day of the 2019 Medical Mission may have started a little rough but Day 4 made up for it. It was the perfect ending! Major kudos to Ephraim Obiamaukwu, Chief & Dr. Mrs. Colet Odenigbo, and Ubulu people both in the US and in Canada for their hospitalities.


Day 5: Surgeries


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