ORAUSA 2023 Homeland Sumit

ORAUSA 2023 Homeland Sumit

ORAUSA Youths wins the 2021 WIWD Ike’s Scholar College Tuition

Congratulations! ORAUSA Youths win the 2021 WIWD Ike's Scholar College Tuition.Miss Thelma Ogunjiofor (ORU Atlanta)Master Ikenna Ugboaja (OCUFE New York)About WIWD FoundationWIWD Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit charitable foundation that is dedicated to continuing...

2021 New Generation Award: Miss Chidimma Onyenezi (ORA Houston)

2021 New Generation Award Winner: Miss Chidimma Onyenezi (ORA Houston)

2021 Exemplary Affiliate Award: OCUFE New York

2021 Exemplary Affiliate Award: OCUFE New York

FREE Medical Mission

We provide free medical assistance to the less privileged

National Convention

We support our programs through the money we raised during our annual convention


We assist indigent women in being self-sustaining.

ORAUSA Young Adults

We engage young adults for program continuity


We empower our youths to get involved

ORAUSA Children

Our leaders of tomorrow


Orlu Regional Assembly

Who We Are

ORA-USA Inc incorporated in the State of Georgia, USA. in the year 2001, is organized for Charitable, Educational, Economical, Social, and Development of Orlu people. It is the umbrella organization of all parochial associations of Orlu people in the fifty states of the USA. The Affiliate members expanding around the 50 states of America are willing partners to the development and sustained growth of the Orlu Senatorial zone. Orlu Senatorial Zone also known as “Old Orlu” is one of the 3 Senatorial zones in Imo State, Nigeria.

Our Objectives

To identify and Unify Orlu people in the Diaspora and America in particular,  promote effective communication and networking between and among Orlu people and various branches of ORA in the US and beyond, boost Educational, Economic, and Political empowerment of Orlu people in the Diaspora and at home, and promote good public relations through programs, projects and inter society collaborations that would positively relate to and impact institutions and Non-Governmental organizations.

Our Mission

ORA USA is a public, non-profit professional organization dedicated to helping people affected by poverty within and around the world. It seeks to restore the dignity and quality of their lives by eradicating barriers to success through innovative education, healthcare services, entrepreneur development, youth empowerment, and community-driven aids. Guided by the aspirations of the people it serves, ORA-USA pursues its mission with empathy, openness, and generosity.

Our Programs


The Orlu Regional Assembly holds its Annual Convention in June of every year to raise funds for projects/programs and for the exchange of ideas as well as networking among members residing in the USA and beyond.


ORAUSA carries out a medical mission to the Orlu region each year. The very positive response has necessitated the consideration of multiple missions each year.


The Micro Finance program, championed by ORAUSA women, raises funds independently to enable indigent women in the homeland to be self-sustaining.


The purpose of the youth program is to create awareness among the young people of the organization to ensure continuity


The Orlu Regional Assembly holds its Annual Homeland Summit in Orlu on December 30th every year. The summit is a chance to review organization activities and exchange feedback between home-based and diaspora stakeholders.


Each year, ORA USA recognizes and gives awards to individuals for community services, student achievements, trail-blazing achievements, and philanthropy.

Message from Our President

Chief/Dr. Uzo Unegbu

We welcome you to our (ORAUSA) website. We hope you find the content informative, and our projects and or programs worthy. Your donation will go a long way to helping us achieve our goals. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or for improvement opportunities.

Chief/Dr. Uzo Unegbu
ORAUSA National President

Dr Uzo Unegbu

News & Events

Presidential Speech, Dr. Uzo Unegbu

Presidential Speech, Dr. Uzo Unegbu

Presidential Speech - Dr. Uzo UnegbuBy Dr. Uzo Unegbu, President ORAUSAORAUSA President EmeritusORAUSA Board ChairORAUSA ExecutivesORAUSA PatronsORAUSA Affiliate PresidentsORAUSA Committee ChairsORAUSA HODDistinguished Lady’s and Gentlemen, It is with honor and...

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